Automotive Insurance Platform

Reduce your loss ratio by matching good drivers with a good insurance rate


Provide more services for your customers

dashroad Basic

Provides you with basic vehicle driving behavior stats.


You will have access to speed, RPMs, engine coolant, and driving time data

Sell Additional Products

From family connect, to Emergency service connector, and more, we give you access to additional value added services

Insurance + Telematics Is Here

Insurance telematics and usage-based insurance(UBI) programs are becoming prominent around the world. With increased competition in the Middle East, companies need to find additional ways to generate revenue. With dashroad's hardware and software platform, we can help you create new product lines to reach consumers both Muslim and Western.

  • With our Takaful product we are bringing cutting edge technology to help bring the Islamic community together in terms of the automotive insurance product. Our solution is based on an end-to-end platform that enables both quick deployment and customization that fits with your current databases.
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Takaful Insurance

Takaful Insurance + Telematics

Takaful insurance is built upon the idea of shared responsibility.

  • Policyholders co-operate among themselves for their common good.

  • Every policyholder pays a part of the contribution as a donation to help those that need assistance.

Our connected car solution for Takaful Insurance is entering the $16B market where we will showcase a community based platform to share insights on driving with users.

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