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Fleet owners that invest in dashroad Fleet benefit from easy to use vehicle tracking and driver monitoring capabilities without heavy upfront costs.

dashroad Fleet which includes a simple plug-and-play telematics device along with a simple-viewing fleet management interface that works with a wide variety of vehicles (work vans, delivery trucks, cars and more), and was developed based on the input from busy business owners and managers.

Fleet owners get access to easy to use monitoring features, including: real-time vehicle location data, behavior-based alert information (speeding, acceleration and braking), fuel consumption updates, and more.

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The Big 3 Metrics

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More than Just Tracking

We capture actual speed limit data in our Enterprise package and give insight into residential and highway speeding habits of your drivers.

From actual speeding limits to setting an internal speed limit, we can capture driving behavior including overspeeding, aggressive drivng metrics like excessive braking and harsh acceleration.


Trip Level Data

Not only can you get trip level data, but we also provide additional insight into where vehicles 'hang out'.

This data can help make sure your vehicles are where they need to be at the given time.

This service of tracking is available where applicable by local laws.

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